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Sylph Of Starfruit

Hobby Artist


Come see my art! Maybe I can even draw something for you.

Currently Accepting Commissions

Terms of Service

-I reserve the right to deny any commission if I am not comfortable in any way about the content.
-Claiming the artwork as your own and/or cropping/removing my signature is strictly prohibited
-I reserve the right to post completed artwork on my social media or personal portfolio
-Commissions are for personal use only
-WIPS of commissions will be sent after payment method is established
-I do not do NSFW or R18+ artwork

Above works are examples
Commissions may differ from what is pictured


Can change depending on complexity
Sketch: $5-15
Lined: $15-35
Lineless: $20-35
Extras: +$5 shading, +$5 simple BG, +$15 complex bg
+$15 per additional character
Painted style: $50-100


Please contact me for commissions via twitter or toyhouse
Other inquiries can be sent via twitter or discord

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